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Happy Thanksgiving- November

Hello past, present and future residents of Elevation Apartments in Quincy, MA at Crown Colony. Because the holiday season is approaching, the community at Elevation Apartments has been excited. Just this week our team hosts Sip and Script Quincy, Calligraphy class for cards and other items. Our team at Elevation in Quincy has been working hard to create events and guide potential Quincy renters. And our goal? To give our friends at Elevation something to November this Winter! But if not a resident yet, don’t hesitate and elevate your lifestyle today!

Trick Door Treat

The first weekend of November may have been the last good weekend before the cold. And so we finished celebrating Halloween at Elevation Apartments. Saying good bye to October Foliage in Massachusetts and Blue Hills reservation. With so many tenants displays of creativity in the #TrickDoorTreat contest. Finally our team selected a winner. Furthermore, the winner took their friends to a night at The Fours, a favorite of Elevation Apartments in Quincy.

The Fours

The Fours consistently has great food. And known for a wicked comfortable environment to watch your B’s, C’s or Pats. Although The Fours is local in Quincy, there is an exciting location in Boston as well. As we and the Patriots approach December football. The Elevation team is confident the winners of #TrickDoorTreat will certainly find a good evening to unwind.

Sip And Script

This Thursday evening, November 21st, is not Thanksgiving. Unwind this Thursday with Sip And Script Quincy, Calligraphy fun in the clubhouse. Get creative before the Holiday season. And learn a craft you can use this holiday season to personalize any gift.
The team is excited for the new exciting inks that add extraordinary color! With Gouache Ink, Sip and Script allows your creativity to be loud. Meanwhile, there will be snacks and beverages as well.
Lets craft! Join Here!

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Stay tuned for future updates from your Friends at Elevation Apartments in Quincy!!

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