Elevation Apartments in Quincy- April Monthly


Happy Spring- April Showers

Hello past, present and future residents of Elevation Apartments in Quincy, MA at Crown Colony. With the gardening season approaching, the community at Elevation Apartments has been excited. Elevation has limited gardening spots available, so certainly reach out to the leasing office if you want to participate. Just this week our team hosted Paint Night remotely with the leadership of Lauren, of JJ Artworks Paint Party. Our team at Elevation in Quincy has been working hard to create events and guide potential Quincy renters. And our goal? To give our friends at Elevation, a safe home during the unpredictable times. But if not a resident yet, don’t hesitate and elevate your lifestyle today!

Paint Night

With many residents and families staying inside at Elevation Apartments, many would have been spending time this early spring on the beaches of Cape Cod or Rhode Island. Second best, is Paint Night with Lauren, of JJ Artworks Paint Party, whom led an imaginative team of Elevation artists to a wonderful coastline with a not-so distant lighthouse. Some imagined a sunrise. Some envisioned a sunset. But all the pictures brought out a big smile and warmth into each artists home. With a great teacher and their own art kit for each artist, Elevation is excited for the next Paint Night with JJ Artworks Paint Party.

Home Office

Elevation Apartments has many residents going through so many challenges daily, but each of us are going through this unique situation together. Some have a #homeoffice where our full-time job is watching the children. Some have a #homeoffice where our full-time job is to catch up on the titles that have avoided us. Some have a #homeoffice where our full-time job is to make-it-happen and if you are not, the company is not. But whatever your full-time job is, we wanted to see how you have personalized your den space to help accommodate the changes going on around you. The winners of the contest received a $50 gift card to get a surprise for the leasing office.


April showers, bring May flowers. But what do Mayflowers bring? Only way to find out is to grab a garden spot while they are still available. Elevation has limited gardening spots available, so certainly reach out to the leasing office if you want to participate. And remember to share any advice, planting tips or picture perfect moments @elevationquincy. If you are not interested in gardening, that is okay. Florists can bring May flowers too. If you enjoy Elevation’s flower arrangements in the leasing office, check out Clifford’s flowers in Quincy, MA.

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Remember friends, we do have a referral program. We urge you to look at your friends list and work contacts. Whom would you recommend and want to welcome into your unique Elevation Apartments in the Quincy community?

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